Tara Somerville is a New Mexico based singer/songwriter and educator. She offers concerts, sing-alongs and interactive workshops for folks of all ages, such as senior sing-alongs and songwriting classes for youth.

 photo: Teq Minsky   

photo: Teq Minsky


           Tara’s songs are inspired as much by long subway rides as by silent snowfalls in the sagebrush. She moved to Taos from NYC in 2005.

            A cover song singer for several years, she started writing songs when she was caretaking an earthship in the greater world community out by the gorge- then performing them at the Taos Inn Open Mic. “I was so excited to finally have my own songs stuck in my head!” she says.

            A youth music teacher, one of her greatest delights is singing folk songs in groups. She helped organize the Taos Pete Seeger sing-along in March 2014, and is a regular at the women’s singing retreat at Lama Foundation. Now some of her oft-requested songs, such as “To the Bronx” have become sing-along songs at local venues. “That is just the funnest thing ever,” she says. “Along with playing with the amazing Rachael Penn.”



         Rachael is a highly sought-after vocalist and classically trained violinist who now plays a number of styles. In addition to accompanying Tara, she currently plays with “Pot Creek String Band” and has played in a number of local bands including Mighty Royalty, who opened for Dakha Brakha.

            Rachael’s voice adds ethereal layers to Tara’s lyrics-driven originals and her fiddle, rousing and edgy, raises melodies and stories to the roof.








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