Tara Somerville is a New Mexico based singer/songwriter and educator. She offers concerts, sing-alongs and interactive workshops for folks of all ages, such as senior sing-alongs and songwriting classes for youth.

A well-loved music teacher at Taos Charter School, since 2011, and Taos Youth Music School, since 2010, Tara delights in bringing her joy of music to children of all ages. Her world music choir "Sing Free" is open to Taos area 3rd-6th graders and is accessible to all income levels. They've learned songs from Africa, Italy, Afghanistan, Poland, Mexico and Japan, as well as songs in english. You can enroll through Taos Youth Music School.

Her library and summer camp programs engage children in creative movement and choreography so they can sing with their whole bodies and fully enjoy songs from around the world. Songwriting programs are also available upon request and emphasize a fluid and dynamic process, honoring various styles of learning.